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[阅读理解]阅读理解 What are some of your favourite memories of the University?

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What are some of your favourite memories of the University?

In preparation for each falfs 50th reunion, members of the milestone class are asked to recall campus memories for an annual Memory Book.
Here's a small selection of some memories from the Class of 1969.
Phyllis Jo Baunach
"...I cannot forget the endless hours studying, researching, and learning in the middle of the musty books in the stacks. We did everything by hand! But the joys of ideas coming to life and understanding thorny concepts are priceless.
Additionally, I cannot forget the joyful hours of Co-Kast rehearsals fbr student-written-and- directed plays, and the thrill of audiences5 responses to our efforts. Nor will I ever forget taking voice lessons at the Eastman School of Music. This course gave me confidence to try new musical approaches and to think on my feet.,,
Paul Boehm
"... many sweet and lasting memoriesfive feet of deep snow, getting stranded on the Thruway, music at Hylie Morris's Alley, and, of course, I met my wife of 48 years, Ellen Blazer Boehm from the Class of 1972, when she was a freshman and I was a senior. As a five-year chemical engineering major, I had one elective to spare, and Ellen said, 'How about oceanography?9 So, I enrolled in oceanography with Dr. Taro Takahashi (the famous climate scientist), which awakened my environmental juices, and changed my professional direction.,,
Farel Vella McClure
"...I truly loved my four undergraduate years at the University of Rochester. In fact, I loved it so much that I stayed an extra year to get a master's degree! I was very fortunate to have been totally immersed in student life on campus. My memories include campaigning and winning a seat on the student government during my freshman year. Other irfemories include the Susan B. Anthony banquet, and sleeping in the comfy chairs in the library. I was also privileged to be selected as a student representative on the design team for the new Wilson Commons. I. M. Pei, the famous architect who designed the Louvre Pyramid, was the architect for Wilson Commons. We even visited his offices in New York to see the "master9 at work.,,
31. According to the passage, Paul Boehm .
A. married Ellen Blazer in 1972
B. disliked his major in university
C. became a famous climate scientist later
D. discovered his interest in environmental science
32. What can we learn about Farel Vella McClure?
A. She was a world-famous designer.
B. She was active in school activities.
C. She had a hard time getting her master's.
D. She once met I. M. Pei at the Louvre Pyramid.
33. The three people all talked about .
A. their beloved professors B. their great friendship
C. their learning experiences D. their beautiful campus
31. D  32. B  33. C